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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Stories from a Music Veteran

Part of the fun of working with folks who've been around a while, besides the fact that they generally know what they're doing, is all the cool stories they tell. Erwin Musper has been engineering and working with interesting folks for a few years now. Of course Spinal Tap came up several times throughout our session, but at the end, Erwin was telling Patrice and I about working with Gorky Park at this Moscow Music Peace Festival in Russia, which Patrice (aka Beatrice) totally remembered watching on pay-per-view. He still has his (awesome and way too-expensive-to-reproduce) tour jacket and it fits too. Wish I had a picture.

Looking forward to more hard rock stories, we go back in the studio on Oct. 20th to finish what we started.


  • At 11:34 AM, Anonymous Ray - no Boris! said…

    "Beatrice" ... "Patrice" ???

    She uses more aliases than I do, but then I think she likes that show. Is there more than one or which one do you mean? Cello Patrice or Graphix Patrice or new, Russian Patrice? All confused now, and I still don't get to watch Prime Time until it comes out on DVD.


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