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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Has Mt. St. Helen's erupted yet?

Hey, folks,

Patrice Schlick and I just got back from our crazy tour and I have only watched TV in bits and pieces while in hotels. I'm hoping to never again feel the need to drive from Delaware to Chicago in two days.

We started the whole thing at the Austin Grill in Silver Springs, MD. My new buddy Jim Steed (met at 2nmc)came out to support us as did Human Factor. That was fun, but the next day we headed to Dewey Beach Music Conference--it was gorgeous. We met so many cool folks there--Beatle Bob, Eric De Fontenay ( , Vlad (our new Russian friend), and many, many more. I finally got to see Fooled by April--I saw them in Cincy several years ago and hadn't been able to catch up with them until now. They rocked.

More about our fun in Pennsylvania, the shows and Chicago later this week.


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