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Monday, November 07, 2005

This Weekend

Patrice, Chris and I had a great night at the Trolley Stop w/Joe Anderl and the Universal Walkers on Friday. Great "band" and perfect mix with us. We actually rocked out a little more that night, but it was all good. Thanks to all of you who came out and took pictures--we're still waiting on them, though.

Saturday, I headed to Evansville, Indiana to play at Penny Lane Coffee. There are always such great people there--everyone is always trying to make my time there more enjoyable. It's really nice and probably why I go out of my way to drive over there. This week was really tough since we had the show Friday night and then I had to work early on Saturday. I went to Evansville and had to drive back that night so I could work on Sunday. It was rough. What was worse is that the wind kept gusting on my way home so I couldn't drive very fast. I was also terrified that a deer was going to run out onto the road and destroy my new van. I was soooo tired and struggling to just stay awake. I finally stopped to get some Dr. Pepper near Louisville--Walmart is a really strange place to me normally, imagine what it's like when you are half asleep at 2:30a. I felt like I was in a dream. Anyway, once I got through Louisville, I must have had the wind moving with me because everytime I looked at the speedometer, I was going waaaay too fast. Finally, I made it home by about 4:30a. Then of course, I was wired. Somehow I managed to fall asleep pretty quickly anyway.

Patrice called me the next morning to make sure that I had gotten home alright. I guess she was up late working the previous night and heard that there were tornadoes in Evansville. I was shocked to find out that 22 people died since there was really no warning. Our hearts go out to everyone in Evansville. We know that those who lost homes will get help from neighbors and friends, but we are so sad that they had to even go through it. Our prayers are with you.


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