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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My life is a continuous brush with fame...

So, I stopped in to QCA, the disc manufacturer to get all the paperwork in order and hand them my master yesterday. Dale Johnson stopped by to hand off the Saving Jane disc for my phone interview with Marti tomorrow. On the way out, we ran into fellow singer/songwriter, Eric Falstrom. We played a gig with his band last December, but I hadn't seen him since. He's got some live music that he put on CD which Dale is reviewing for Hoping we can do another show with Eric in the near future so I can hear more.

After that, I stopped by Mommy & Daddy. That was pretty alright. I so want this Roland thingy they had that played all their loops and what not. I must go research to see what that is all about. It was pretty big so it probably doesn't exist anymore. What's wierd is that I was telling my friend Liz from NY this morning that I got to see this band and she, of course knows them and worked their first record.

The music business is a very, very, very small world.


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