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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Music Conferences and Pennsylvania

I never did get to finish posting about Midpoint, Dewey or our trip through Pittsburgh on the way from Dewey to Columbus. It's all been pretty crazy recently and it's becoming a blur. So here's what I do remember:

Midpoint--fun, met lots of folks from cool bands. Did I already mention 500 Miles to Memphis? I also got a tutorial on My from my new buddy Kevin. It was awesome to see Messerly and Ewing on stage with their band as well as with Clabbergirl. Sean is such a rock star. Shrug was cool and I had a good time running around with Jim from Sonicbids, Whitney Barricklow and Dale Johnson (City Beat photographer).
Dewey Beach--Fooled by April--need I say more? And what's up with the guy from Modern English? Does he need to take more drugs? I heard that he almost got into a fist fight with the other panelists on the producer's panel.

And yes, Patrice and I once again got lost in Pennsylvania. I swear they do it on purpose, but I may have just been distracted. I missed the I-70/I-76 split and we had to drive through Pittsburgh. I've never been to Pittsburgh so it was somewhat exciting, but once we made it to Ohio, I handed Patrice the keys and immediately fell asleep leaving her to drive through massive amounts of fog at midnight. Thankfully, she managed to get us to our hotel and we managed to not get shot the next day when we stopped at Kroger to pick up a few things. Scary.

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