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Saturday, October 08, 2005

My Birthday

So, we played Chicks on the Road and most of you missed it. A fun night for sure. Patrice joined me in a birthday drink, something that either of us rarely do, but it was a special occasssion. Jeffrey Smith, bought us each a Cosmopolitan and that was all it took. Neither of us could leave because we wouldn't have been safe to drive (they were extremely potent--I'm not that much of a lightweight). I had to go next door and buy chips to help absorb some of the alcohol, it didn't help that much. We enjoyed chatting since we haven't been on a road-trip in a while. She's so funny. And she bought me the coolest birthday gift. It's this whole Elvis coffee table book. There's a CD of interviews and press conferences, and all these 3-D items that you can take out--like a wedding invitation, tickets and a copy of his social security card. It's really cool.

Shirock, Pike, The Outside, and the Newbees were all very good. You should have been there and I should have been home sleeping and preparing for the studio. Oh, well, it's a good memory to have. Thanks, Jenny.


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  • At 11:19 PM, Blogger Irene said…

    Don't you hate those anonymous comments or as my cousins calls them annoyomous comments. But I still check out your blog and website. I enjoy your music, I keep looking for any West Coast concerts. I am sure you will be around here someday. By the way happy birthday.


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