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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

When all else fails...

I was having a very frustrating day today--nothing was going right, I couldn't get a hold of folks I needed to talk to, web stuff wasn't working--I felt like the whole world was against me. Finally, I called my friend, Beau Alquizola, and asked if he wanted to meet me at Planet Smoothie.

He let me vent and we chatted with our rock star friend, Chris Dunaway, and basically I just tried to not worry about all the stuff that was falling down around me. Maybe it was the Amazon fruit in my smoothie, but when I got to WalMart, it was like a weight lifted. I ended up finding something I'd been searching everywhere for. It kinda appeared out of no where. Then my friend Jenny, whom I'd been worried about all day, called while I was still in the store. I'm not even a fan of that store, I'm a Target girl. But you can bet from now on, when my day isn't going well, I'm heading to WalMart.


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