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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Tri-State Womon Fest

A big thanks to everyone at Tri-State Womon Fest held yesterday in Cincinnati. Trice and I both got some sun while playing, eating and meeting new folks. The big excitement was when a tent blew over in the middle of our set. No one got hurt fortunately. We also had the pleasure of talking with Brenda Slagle who MC'd the event and is apparently heading to Chicago to audition for Last Comic Standing. She should do well.

A big thanks to Bev (I believe) from Women's Way who chatted with us for a while and filled us in on our song "Inside" (Hologram EP) which is getting airplay on NTG Radio out of California. Who knew? She had us record a little radio bumper right there on the spot to send to them so now we'll have to listen in and see if it gets played. Bev's been working on a documentary about women in music for quite some time and we look forward to being a part of that in the future.

Until then, I guess we're back to NTG Radio. All Women, All Day.

Hugs, kisses and conspiracy theories,


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