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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Comparing Protein Bars

So, I'm just lying around today since my leg is all freaky and I hope to just hang out at the pool all day. Though I may have to go out to find a new book since I finished my other one (I'm still baffled at how some of the people connected and how the entire thing got wrapped up in about 20 pages.) But I digress. Since I've been working out quite a bit and have been living on Protein bars that I would do a comparison.

First up, Zone Perfect bars. I only eat them in Chocolate Mint so I don't know about the other flavors, but this one is tasty. Very little dairy and 15g of Protein. It's not all natural, but that's it's only down fall.

Second, Power Bar Nut Naturals. Have you ever read the ingredients for Power Bars? It's frightening. I really don't think it can be considered food. The nut naturals however, do at least have nuts. I can tolerate this bar, but pick up the Mojo Bar by Clif when given the chance--they both have only 10g of Protein. Good when you need some carbs but want to keep your protein intake up.

Third, this is my new favorite--Builder's Bar by Clif. This is 20g of protein and includes only natural ingredients and a very minute amount of dairy. The chocolate one is the best as far as I can tell, though non of the flavors are offensive. The cookies and cream is a little too sweet for my taste though. But this is what I eat before or after a really good workout. (Oh, I see from the website they are adding Chocolate Mint flavor...mmmm).

There are some good tasting bars out there with more protein but they do not have natural ingredients. If you aren't concerned about that sort of thing, I recommend:
Detour--30g protein
ProMax, Honey Peanut--20g protein

And my standby, ever faithful, good anytime bar--
Luna Bar by Clif, in Chocolate Peppermint Stick--10g protein (all natural, no dairy)

Have a happy protein-filled day,


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