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Monday, November 08, 2004

Leo Sayer feels like dancing again?

So, it's Monday, again. I don't have cable so where do I find news? Yahoo. Yeah, I'm always the last to know. I didn't find out who our President was until Wednesday evening. But I checked out Yahoo this morning only to find that a) there is no big news and b)Leo Sayer, 70's "pop-star" wants to move to Australia to begin his career all-over again. First off, do two hits make a pop star? I guess we've lowered our standards--maybe I'm already a star and I just don't know it yet. I think I need to reconsider the cable thing--I'm out of the loop.

Anyway, lots of cool stuff happening. We are featured on a cool site this week--check it out: and we've been added to internet radio station

We'll be seeing those of you who live in Cleveland and DC this week. Until we come to your town again, you can keep up with us via our new website. Thanks to Matt Smith for redesigning it.


ps--we had a great time at the Empyrean Coffee Bar in Nashville last weekend. What a cool group of folks we met. We definately look forward to going back there again soon!


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