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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Surreal TV and more

We've met some wonderful folks so far this weekend. Thanks to everyone who came out to Taffy's--a big thanks to Jay Bruns who opened for us. It was great to finally see Jay meet our friend Ray Bigelow who I introduced here on this forum. The staff was great and we hope to head back to Eaton in a few months.

On our first trip to Muncie, we got lost several times, going down a one way street the wrong way, but had a nice time with the folks at Blue Bottle Coffee. A huge thanks to "Rob" who recently moved to Indiana from Austin. He gave us a list of things to do when we get to TX. Fun times. When we finally got to our hotel (no thanks to Mapquest) I discovered The Surreal Life. My friends Mike and Sabrina from The Chicken Fish had told me about this show, but neither Patrice nor I have cable so we didn't really know what we were missing. Patrice worked on some school work but I got completely hooked on this show. Then we stayed up watching all kinds of wierd shows about Metal stuff. Did you know that Cincinnati holds the honor of hosting the #1 worst moment in METAL? I didn't either, but VH1 decided that Vince Neil doing the Chicken Dance at the Oktoberfest was an all time low...

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