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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

In the studio...still

Day 4:

I'm in charge of singing and ordering lunch and keeping things on schedule today. Not sure if we're getting anywhere or not, but it's certainly interesting. He's funking up Evidence...we'll see.

Leaving tomorrow and wishing Patrice were hear to help me drive. Oh, wait, she couldn't drive anyway because she has to work on homework. Well, at least I could talk to, she'd be studying. Oh, well, I guess I'll be able to sing at the top of my lungs and not worry about bothering her. And, I can play my shaker egg--if there's not a lot of traffic.

Well, I need to go make a decision about drum sounds. What have you guys been up to?


Blake's quote of the day 6/7: I'll have a distorted bass and large Coke...


  • At 7:56 AM, Anonymous biggle5 said…

    Hi Rhonda,

    Glad to hear you're in the studio, I think! When you say he's funking up Evidence, do you mean he's making it "funky" or are you being too polite to use "harsh language" (see "Aliens")?

    Yup, can't be too careful with shaker eggs in traffic and people giving you the ol' hairy eyeball.

    Got back from SF OK (that's okay, not California) My PBtB t-shirt was still drying while I was packig and so Andy overnighted it out to me. My plan was to have someone take a picture of me in front of the Golden Gate Bridge or somewhere San Franciscoey. That was the plan anyway. Even though I had sprained my ankle taking a tumble at the Egg Man's house the earlier Sunday ( but ... I know better to complain in front of you. It was still swollen on Thursday evening, but it felt okay for walking on; so I may have done something impulsive or stoopid and took a 31 or 32 mile bike ride from my hotel up to downtown San Francisco. Got my biking jones out of the way, but there aren't any sane people hanging out at 10:30 at night overlooking the bridge. On a happy note, I think I'm going back there in the next month or so for a week long class in server/programming/admin/geeking, and I think taking public trans to the vicinity is really The Way To Go now. So I retreated to a Borders I passed, changed shirts for a wind-blown look photo op (}(they let me park my mountain bike rental in there, which they normally do not do; so I bought two post cards and the novelization of Batman Begins (reads well, should be good if the actors are up to it.

    Ankle stiffened up and actually swelled up more over Friday and Saturday, even though I pretty much kept off it yesterday. Trylng to keep it more elevated and iced today. You know working a keyboard with your leg up IS uncomfortable as it looks!

  • At 12:46 PM, Blogger pale beneath the blue said…

    So, Mr. Bigglesworth,
    Good job on the ankle there. That looks like it's feeling pretty ouchy! I can't believe you went bike riding on that.

    Oh, well, yeah, Evidence was funky for a while, but he decided to try another direction and I think that it works better. However, you folks will be the ultimate judges.

    We finished up everything we had to do there and have a few things left here--cello, background vocals and a guitar part, maybe a bass line. Then, we're done. We'll probably be looking to get it out at the end of the year. It just depends how quickly things come together. There's still bunches to do.

    More later, off to practice...


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