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Sunday, June 05, 2005

PBtB in DC

What a weekend we had here in town. Friday we played at Staccato with Cincinnati favorites, The Terrors, and also Box. Our friend, Will Westray, formerly of Columbus, brought out his posse and wow--what a cool bunch of folks. Bighead from the Terrors sat-in on the drums and overall just phenomenal evening.

Saturday we headed N to College Park, MD to play at College Perk. There was some confusion and I apologize to those of you who headed out and missed our extra short set. Since we finished early, Blake and Paula took us downtown to see the WII memorial.

Sunday, Trice, James and I had some time off so we headed downtown to the National Archive. We got to see a Philipino parade thing but didn't actually wait to get into see the Declaration or Constitution. It was hot so we decided to hit IKEA instead. Because what's more important? History or buying cheap Swedish furniture? Between all of us, the van was so packed that I couldn't even pick up everything until I dropped them off at the airport. Now the van is full and I can't get any of my equipment out of it. HOpe we don't need it in the studio.


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