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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Still recovering...

I was awakened by the roofer climbing up a ladder outside my window. I hope he can make it stop leaking.

Currently watching Ellen. Oh, my goodness--Jamie Lynn Spears looks exactly like her older sister--freaky.

Anyway, what a great week/weekend of shows. I love traveling and meeting so many new folks, as well as running into those of you I met the last time I was in town. A big thank you to all of you who helped load and unload my equipment--Dave Phillips, Tod Weider, Mickey, as well as my guys, Chris Beiting and Ryan Childs.

I think that Canton is one of my new favorite places to go--everyone has been so incredible up there at
Muggswigz. I'm really looking forward to heading back. And who would have thought that we would be a big hit at a library? Stranger things have happened.

While in Columbus, I got a preview of
Stepford Five front man, Keith Jenkin's new side project, The Moving Parts. Good stuff and I look forward to seeing where he goes with it.

See you on Saturday at
Rohs Street. Beau Alquizola will be opening things up--don't miss it. I think that we may have 2 cellists--I'll keep you posted.



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