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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My trip to Evansville

Amazingly enough I left on time even after stopping to fill my gas tank. It's amazing I didn't just drop dead then and there--it was $50. I drive a mini-van, not a Hummer. Anyway, what a cool space Synchronicity Art Gallery is. I told them that I wanted one just like it. I haven't been to a poetry reading in a while so it was a lot of fun to meet all these new folks and hear the kinds of things they are doing. Bill Sovern is amazing. I didn't get to hear the whole experience with the band, but I certainly got the gist. Very cool stuff.

Also, Lars and the Garvey Tones was a very interesting experience. My favorite part was obviously watching Larry play the saw with a plastic hammer. I really wanted to hear him do something with that conch, though. All in all a great night.

The drive home was very strange. My windshield kept fogging up until I realized that it wasn't fogging up on the other side and moved my promo posters and whatnot in front of me to block the airflow. It's a horribly long drive and oh, my gosh, the songs on the radio were putting me to sleep. I heard Kelly Clarkson and a bunch of guys who rap and that was about it. What I don't understand is why can't they change things up a little and put in a real chorus instead of just repeating themselves a million times. It's really boring and it's too slow, not like you can dance to it or anything. Anyway, I was really struggling to stay awake and decided to try the Push Stars. Thank God for the Push Stars. I was awake the rest of the way home even when I was struggling to see through the fog. Then I almost ran out of gas because apparently, no one is up in KY at 3:30a. I pulled off at least 3 times and couldn't find an open gas station. The fog was not helping the situation. Good times, oh and I walked without the crutches a little! What a great night.


  • At 8:51 PM, Blogger Irene said…

    I was reading about your ordeal and I am glad to see you are better. I enjoyed listening to your music, and I hope to buy your cd soon.


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