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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Did you know that you were eating bugs?

So, yesterday I started watching a video on Google about Genetically Modified food. Find it here>>> . I was appalled--do you know that tomatoes are being modified with FISH genes? First off, how gross is that? Secondly, what happens if you don't know that and have an allergic reaction? There's so much info in this video that you need to watch it yourself.

Last night I received an email from my good friend Andy Valeri at Uncommon Sense TV that I found to be too much of a coincidence to let it slide. The most shocking thing I learned is what Carmine is. Remember when I was upset that they put Beet juice in my yogurt? Well, apparently, Carmine is also used in Yoplait yogurt which I don't know how I could ever eat again after reading this description from Wikipedia:

Carmine may be prepared from cochineal, by boiling dried insects in water to extract the carminic acid and then treating the clear solution with alum, cream of tartar, stannous chloride, or potassium hydrogen oxalate; the coloring and animal matters present in the liquid are thus precipitated. Other methods are in use; sometimes egg white, fish glue, or gelatine are added before the precipitation.

Seriously, how disgusting is that? I've been trying so hard to eat non-gmo foods--no partially hydrogenated oils, no high fructose corn syrup--are bugs okay because they are natural? I don't quite know where that fits in. We don't have a bug category or even processed food category in our food pyramid. Hmmm...that's got me thinking...

What I really want to know is, who makes Carmine? As in, wouldn't workers at a food plant wonder why they were boiling bugs? Do they think it's okay to feed bugs to the unsuspecting public? And how does everyone involved sleep at night?

Personally, I've decided that yogurt doesn't need to have added coloring--I'm pretty sure that I would feel much better if it was just sort of strawberry colored in spots. I guess I'll sit here and think about this some more while I eat some carrots.

Here's a link to a book selling site with more information:

I personally have stopped taking Nexium just from changing my diet. I have other friends who have cured themselves of other disease and "conditions" to which there are no cures, all because they've stopped eating things that are not really food. It's just a thought, but I think it's worth a try...

Love and longevity,


  • At 3:58 PM, Blogger Mom said…

    If I told you what someone told me a long time ago, about carrot storage, you probably wouldn't be eating them either. :>)

  • At 8:10 AM, Anonymous mike said…

    Yeah, I knew that... assume that carmine is in anything red.


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