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Monday, November 15, 2004

Powell Resigns Cabinet to begin Career in Rap Music

Though Rap may be the next logical step for Colin Powell, he and the other Flee-ers will probably get rich by writing tell all books. Can't wait for that. Wish we had some great gossip about some politician that we met doing something seedy at the Austin Grill in DC, but we don't. All we can tell you about DC is that it's one of our favorite places. We met so many cool people and our good friend and fan (and poet) Ray Bigelow came out to see us since he was visiting from Dayton. Also, Jim Steed (local artist extraordinare), Human Factor (Blake and Paula), John Althen (who makes the weird noises on Inside), and Chris, Cathy and Eric Peterson (our wonderful hosts) just to name a few.

Our travels also took us to Cleve-land. Another really cool place that we love to visit. Again we had the pleasure of playing on WRUW with Cuzin Dave. Then we headed back to the Spider to play. We ended up staying until after 12. I got to chat with my friend Todd and his wife Mary and I also met some really cool folks from Columbus? Long story. I was exhausted so Patrice had to drive to Pittsburgh where we were staying with her cousin for a couple of days. I remember waking up several times and Patrice was turning around. Pennsylvania--our nemisis. Maybe I'll write a song about it someday.

oh, oh, oh, I almost forgot. We went to Ikea in Pittsburgh. So, I already know everything I want and I go immediately to reserve the items I want. I even found some other things that I figured would be useful. However, I go down to pick up everything and check out and what? You don't have it? Excuse me? Well, what was the point of reserving it? NO, I can't come back in a couple of weeks--I live in Cincinnati! I was a little annoyed to say the least. It did make it easier to move our equipment around in the van, but still. Now I have to pay shipping.

Anyone else have irritating Pennsylvania or Ikea stories? I hear that misery loves company...


  • At 5:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi, it's your Dayton fan from DC's Austin Grill. You can check mein (that's German) LJ blog at

    as for Tales of Woe in Pennsylvania, my parents moved from PA to NJ while I was at Summer Camp. Yes, then, one Summer, at Band Camp ... my parents moved away!

    If you haven't seen American Pie, the humour is lost on that one. Thanks for the kind mentions in your last blogs! ;) If you've lost that one I can re-send it. I'm kind of behind on my transcribing/editing at the moment. I have some rough sketches, but they haven't been coming, so I probably have to settle down some. Usually they pretty much just flow given a chance. You did inspire the goth song though too.

    Hope you and James and kinderfolken are having a pleasant Thanksgiving.

    Oh, funny German anecdote? Did you know when Himmler, I mean, Kennedy made that famous Ich bin ein Berliner speech? He actually said, "I am a small jelly filled donut." Honest. Just a weensy bit off, nicht wahr?


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