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Monday, March 07, 2005

More Surreality

So maybe Patrice and I were just in a daze because of our Pizza hangover (mmmmm, Giordano's), but last night's events were among some of the more interesting....

Uncommon Ground was fairly busy and we'd been playing all weekend so we were ready, we thought. We played well as did Jen and Victoria (with some coaxing from manager, Stolie). At 10p, some guy we had never heard of was supposed to play--he was on tour with some band, The Frames, who again, we've never heard of (sorry). Our equipment was in the corner, so we stuck around to see what the fuss was about.

I was pretty blown away. Mark Geary (think Peter Mulvey/Jeff Buckley/Great Big Sea) begins to sing and the place is immediately silenced. After a couple of songs, he went sans PA and was even more amazing. At the end of his set, this guy (apparently from the Frames) wants to play a couple of songs with him. Together, they reminded me of Neil and Tim Finn of Crowded House--the harmonies were so smooth. Then they get some other guy up there, and then someone else plays a song. Before it was all over, Mark had Patrice and I play a song. Then he convinced Patrice to play cello on Nick Drake's, The Cello Song.

The night finally ended around 1a (central time). We were exhausted to say the least. As if that weren't strange enough, I ended up talking to a guy that I'm pretty sure I met in Nashville at 2nmc last year--I know that I have his band's demo. The world is shrinking...



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