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Thursday, April 28, 2005

You missed it...

Awesome show last night at Canal Street Tavern. Yes, we rocked, I brought out the Daisy Rock and we did a fun new song called, Stethoscope that I co-wrote with James' daughter. But the other two bands had some really cool things going on. Far From Eden would like to play with us again sometime, so you may have your chance to see their rockin' out acoustic thing. But Cella Dor Ideal ? had their drummer in town from Berklee and he's going to be leaving to do some touring in Japan over the summer. We chatted a bit--it seems he also plays piano so we might get together next week and he will show me some things. That entire band is immensely talented. They jam, but in a Dave Matthews kind of way...

Oh, which brings me to another interesting subject. James told me recently that his still in high school nephew was asked to audition for a Dave Matthews sanctioned tribute band. I haven't heard anymore about it, but the kid is really good. I'll keep you posted.

See you in Cleveland,


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