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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I'm overcome

Just seeing the people on the streets begging for food and water down South--it's tough. I don't really know how much longer they can survive the conditions. Apparently, Patrice has a sister in Mississippi, who contacted them, but they haven't been able to reach her since. I feel guilty having a fairly good day today. I wrote a spoken word piece around midnight, I went swimming (with my wetsuit on--it was freezing), went shopping and out to dinner, I even went to get a few dollars worth of gas then found out that it was still $2.69 at the pump instead of the $3.09 that was advertised--of course, I filled it up instead. I spent $28.00 on a new outfit which I'm now taking back and donating the money to the Red Cross. I'm also going drop off all the stuff that I've been planning to take to Salvation Army. You can donate through the Red Cross or Salvation Army. Or, if you've got a bus, just drive down and pick some folks up--there's plenty of space in shelters up this direction.

Also, I've been quite the activist over the past couple of days. On Monday I wrote a letter to the editor of the Cincinnati Enquirer regarding our fuel situation and it sounds as if they are going to print it. Tonite I saw a Verizon commercial on TV depicting a guy with a guitar as an annoyance and emailed the company voicing my concerns. It's not that I'm bored, but someone has to do it, right?

I always try to encourage folks to do what they have been created to do, so if you haven't gotten the speech from me, just make sure that you use the time you've got wisely. You never know when things are going to change.

God bless,


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