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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

23 Shades (the single) Released!

So, here's the poem that 23 Shades came from. You can hear the song on our website (MEDIA) and download it for just .99 from our home page.

"Secrets" Feb '04
by Ray Bigelow

Silent bells
Angles trapped in stone
Private hells
Unnoticed, all alone
The boards creak
And weighting shifts
The gifts of time are weak
The fire's left to cinders
And tears are left to speak

Has secrets caught in
The undertow
Of lies we tell between
What we know
And just ourselves
And all we fought not to lose
Why can I?
And I
Forgot that I could choose

Falling sleep,
Faces come to me
Back to keep
Grief's loss in memory
Flowers fade
Sunk in the stream
Whither Spring?
Madness wades
Beneath the surface for
Forgiveness we mislaid

the line "love and mystery" was taken from his poem "Imagining" which I received at the same time as "Secrets." I added the "Victims of our own volition, a witness of the indecision."

Random ?: What does 23 Shades mean?
Rhonda: Well, I couldn't call the song "Secrets" because we already have "Little Secrets" on the Hologram disc. Originally, it was 23 Shades of Green--I don't know where that came from, it just was the first thing I thought of. Then I decided it would be 23 Shades of True (you know, the lies and what not.) But then I decided that was dumb and I shortened it.


  • At 11:03 AM, Anonymous Ray said…

    huh. I just noticed that on the road yesterday. Missed your part of the show at Borders, so popped in your practice CD I lifted off Andy. I thought that line "love's a mystery" (?) sounded familiar (kind of wished I'd used it actually) then I ran across "Imaginings" and found I had! Amazing lack of memory, but at least I'm consistent. Oh, I think towards the end of verse 2 it's "Why can't I?" No telling if I corrected that or not before I sent it.

    Thanks for explaining the title! I finally figured out why you Wouldn't use "Secrets", since it was only all over Hologram. Honestly, I'm much more analytical and technical at work. The country is safe with me, really. Well, it used to be ... :)

    I always wondered about those lines, "Victims of our own volition, a witness of the indecision." Is that an oblique allude to Hamlet in accordance with the drowned flowers and Ophelia imagery?


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