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Sunday, September 04, 2005

I write the songs in the BMV

First off, a big thanks to those who came out to Borders on Friday. It was just me playing solo, so extra special thanks to Mike and Sabrina Kilbourne who unloaded and set everything up. Also thanks to Betty and her family for loading everything back in the van for me--I'd still be there if it weren't for you guys. Oh, and singer/songwriter, Persephone, sang some songs to me after the show. I think that you'll see her at the Gogirls Fest in October.

So, on my drive home, I was humming my new tune, Mirrors (still needs some fine tuning), and I started writing another song at the end of it. It starts a new chord progression, so it's kind of like starting a new song. I also wrote a pop song from Lue's poem, Quicksand, while I was at work the other day and started working on a story song that my co-writer, Alycia, has been bugging me to put music to. Oh, and then there's the song I wrote while waiting at the BMV the other day for no good reason. No good reason to be waiting, not writing. So, I think that's the max--5 that I'm working on at a time. I'll try to post some of it on the podcast this week. Stay tuned.


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