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Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Truth about Super Wal Mart

As I was standing in line at Wal Mart last night waiting for the drunken cashier to ring up the long line of people, I had some interesting thoughts...

1)Why do they have 30 check out lanes when there are only 3 open at any given time?
2)Why did Wal Mart feel the need to open Super Wal Mart? Did they feel that they could destroy more land in more cities if they opened larger stores? I really can't imagine they are planning Kroger's demise. That is just not going to happen. They can battle it out with Meijer all day and I won't lose any sleep, but don't mess with Kroger.

So, while I was waiting there in line for 15 minutes (at 10:20p, I might add) to get my$4.88 Galaxy Quest DVD, dental floss, and toothpaste, I realized that the whole Super Store dealio was really a public service. Because Wal Mart really does need something positive on their side. So, I'm thinking that after walking around one of their stores, the VPs realized that the one thing they could do to help their customers the most, was to seperate the Little Debbies from the Cat Litter. Make the store huge and move everything around so that no one can find it, add more products so folks can buy more pointless crap, but maybe they will lose a few pounds in the process. Myself, I find it aggravating that I can't run in and pick up a Starbucks Frappuccino and some cold medicine in 5 minutes or less, but no one else there seems to be in any hurry. I guess you can walk around all day when all you do is sit home and collect a check. At least, that's my take.


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