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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I so live in the dark ages...

So, yes, I have cool music gear, and well, a laptop, but other than that, I don't really care about electronics. I broke down and bought a 1gig Nano in the spring for all my traveling, but honestly, I don't use it unless I'm on the road. So, when James and I realized that our 1997 Sam's Club special television set would no longer work with the antenna, we had to break-down and go shopping for something high-tech.

Best Buy has to be paradise for electronic junkies--phones, cameras, computers and yes tvs. It's really amazing to see Carson Palmer shuffling for his life on a 50" Plasma. Personally, I don't need to see the pores on someones face to know that they are sweating, but I digress. I couldn't believe how expensive everything was, though I know prices have come down a bit, but seriously $3500 for a television? There are people who would love to spend that much on a car, or they could eat for a year. To me, the almost-always-broke- musician, it seems ludacrious to spend that amount of money on something unless it's going to help me make money or save my life. At any rate, we went home empty handed and tried to watch Desperate Housewives on our budget set-up. We missed the first 18 minutes because we couldn't get the station to come in.

The following day, I recommended that James stop by a discount tech store to check their prices. We had decided to go smaller rather than larger and the salesman pointed him to a 32" Olevia that was on sale for $10 more than the 27" he was interested in. Since I had the credit card, I stopped by after work and picked it up. We plugged it into the wall and hooked-up our antenna and whoa! it was like we fell through the rabbit hole. Our NBC affiliate has a weather channel? NBC and Fox both broadcast in HD--yippie! There's a whole set of Jesus and PBS stations all of which are in HD. We haven't seen so many channels in years! And the HD looks amazing. James keeps turning it on just to look at the picture. Yeah, just wait, I think we're getting cable on Friday...



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