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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Spend your holidays with National Treasure

It is Thanksgiving weekend tradition to go to the theater for a new film. We actually wanted to see Pierce Brosnan's new flick but there was only one showing. Instead, we went to see "National Treasure." I was curious to see this since I've spent so much time in Washington DC this year (and Nicholas Cage was another strong point.) It was awesome to see the inside of buildings that I've driven past so many times. The Library of Congress is beautiful. Anyway, the movie in itself was pretty cool. A bit farfetched, but a fun adventure you don't want to miss. My only question is, did the Egyptians or some other ancient culture have the ability to make a big stone door that opens by some button in a rock wall nearby? And if so, did it really make that annoying scraping noise when it opened? Just curious.

Anyway, what have you folks been doing this Turkey Day weekend?


  • At 10:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It's actually a little known fact that it was in fact the annoying scraping noise that accompanies opening a large Egyptian decorative inlaid rock garage door that led to the end of that civilization. It drove 'em out to wander in the desert for forty years..., oops, -got my stories confused.

    Anyway, my Thanksgiving was fun. Cooked, broke bread with relatives, played music, and merriment ensued.

    Best Wishes,


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