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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Swizzle Stick and two Olives

Okay, it was late, but not drinking sometimes has it's disadvantages. Last night after leaving a meeting at a diner around 11:10p, City Beat journalist/photographer, Dale Johnson walked me to my car. We heard some guy yelling and turned to realize he was yelling at a pole. I offered to drive Dale to his car, but he refused saying that it was just down the street. By the time he started to walk toward it, the same guy was now standing in the middle of the street with his stuff hanging out of his pants. Then, as if I could have possibly missed it anyway, he is screaming and pointing to his "goods." Poor Dale just walked by as if it were nothing--do you see this kind of thing everyday? I was in such shock, I started laughing. I'm still laughing. There's nothing more funny than real life.


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