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Thursday, January 06, 2005

If you can dodge a wrench...

Hey, welcome to a new feature here at PBTB's blog--Rhonda's Movie Madness. I watch a ton of movies, especially when it's cold out, so I figured I should share with you my thoughts and you can tell me yours.

  • Dodgeball--great comedy, fun for the whole family. Vince Vaughn is awesome in this role. It's nice to see him be a good guy--I'm sure that his mother is proud.
  • Anchorman--funny, but not as good as Elf or Dodgeball. Tim Robbins in a 'fro is priceless, though.
  • Manchurian Candidate--whoa! Freaky movie, but I love this stuff. Well done.
  • Harry Potter--are you serious? that was it? i wasted 2 hours on this movie?
  • Collateral--hmmm. not bad, I don't understand the hair color on Tom Cruise. It bothered me throughout the movie. There were some slow spots at the beginning, but once the action kicked in, it was pretty good.
  • Girlfriend from Hell--this is an old 80's flick, provided by fan, Ray Bigelow. Campy B flick. The deal is that if you can't watch some of this just for fun, why bother. There are nuns with guns--isn't that reason enough. Also, the lead guy had been in Twin Peaks, I guess, but more importantly reminds me of my friend Nils from the band, The Sharpies in CA.

Oh, and a big shout out to Ray B. He sent me some Mrs. Affleck socks (if you've heard the rhe song, 803 you will understand) and some whiskey fudge for the Mr. You Rock, Ray!

What are you watching?


  • At 9:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm a bit out in my own time/space zone when it comes to finding time to watch a movie at home or in theater, -the big obstacle is that I don't like to watch movies when recent opportunity arose with friends I saw “After the Sunset”. Not a film to be taken seriously, tho I enjoyed it. I have a tendency to buy into any script unless it’s really really really bad. If there are script holes or weak plots, I’ll just fill in the blanks. So this Pierce, Selma, Woody romp through a watered down “To Catch a Thief” plot was cool after I forced myself to believe Woody as an FBI agent. (It was rough, but I did it). I think I would have rather seen Manchurian Candidate. Even tho I have yet to see it, I know it’s a solid piece of work all the way ‘round. Recently at home I got absorbed into “Hellboy”. With this one, you have to be in the frame of mind of the Comic Genre, it was definitely light entertainment and left-of-center humor. Good CGI effects. I had to fill in a lot of script holes to make it work, but hey, it’s fantasy and I liked it.

    Gotta roll,
    Best Wishes,

  • At 3:58 PM, Blogger pale beneath the blue said…

    Hey, I saw "After Sunset" too. I kinda liked it. I liked the conversation they had. I think the first 30 minutes was them just walking. It was different, though.

    There was a movie I was going to recommend and I have now forgotten it.

    Well, here are some of my faves:
    Mystery Men
    Saving Silverman
    Grosse Pointe Blank
    Happy Texas

    Oh, I just remembered: The Cooler. I'm a huge William H. Macy fan. Talk about having to use your imagination. It's a great story, though. It is NC-17.


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