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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Snow, more snow and movies

I have watched more movies this week than I've watched in forever! The Grinch, Return of the King, Saved (two times), The Spy Who Loved Me and Lemony Snicket's tale. More importantly, I got on skis! Yep, me and my gimpy leg, got out in the 12 inches of snow and tried to ski. It wasn't very pretty. James ended up just pushing me around because he couldn't stand to watch me pathetically trying to move myself up the tiny drifts. I kept sinking too which made things much more difficult. Then my neighbor came out and proclaimed she would not allow me to ski down this little hill next to her condo. I said, "I'm not really skiing anyway." She wouldn't budge since someone had been injured there a few years ago and tried to sue. Are you serious? I thought. Then I turned to the left and psuedo-ski-ed down the back of the hill. NOpe. You can't keep the gimpy one down. I was skiing down the street and back into our court. I was so tired by the time I got back to our place that James had to push me back up the driveway.

So, we kinda got snowed in. By Thursday the snow had stopped falling, the only problem was that the entire Miami County area (where we were to spend Christmas Eve with my parents) was under a Level 3 snow emergency. We could get ticketed for entering the county. By dinner, we were running low on food and decided to make the attempt. If it was too bad, we would turn around. When we got out, there were plenty of people out, going to the grocery, eating at restaurants and finishing last minute shopping. We hopped on the highway and after a really interesting ride on I-75, made it to Piqua. We had a nice time with the family and drove home in slightly better conditions the following evening.

But it's Christmas day and we've had our Christmas already. What now? Oh, well, the movie theater has food, let's go see a movie! We decided to see Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events." Honestly, I like most everything, but for me, this was a waste of my two hours. The cinematography was pretty good but there were other things that really bothered me. I don't want to spoil it for the rest of you, but I was sort of disappointed. I really like Jim Carrey, but he seemed to be having difficulties getting into the role during the first part of the film. Maybe I'm being so critical because I have been finishing my screen play. I don't know, but I enjoyed the teen flick "Saved" more than this movie. Off to watch "Death to Smoochy."

How was your Christmas?


  • At 6:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Rock Star!! Very cool about the Icon place review and back on the skis!

    Ray here. I had fun in the snow too. Went or tried to go shopping with Andy Wednesday (the snowy one) and got as far as Dorothy Lane and Woodman and it was scary. He's got a rear wheel drive Volvo Stationwageon. Safe, but nigh useless in snow. Returned for the rental Ford Focus and got up to 75 MPH on a side street in the snow. Well, wheels spinning anyway, we lurched up to 5-10 MPH and I let it off. But it was fun. Shoveled 2x on Wednesday, not counting my 80+ year old neighbour with the great tomato patch, then three periods Thursday broken up by meals and movies, and finally chopping through the snow ploughed drift at the end of my driveway Friday morning. Aside from hopping through the neighbour's yard to take a picture of my snowbound house before anyone walked through the snow, I didn't leave the yard from Wednesday night until Sunday. Had a VERY relaxed awesome, Christmas. I'm glad you had fun too.

    How did you like Return of the King? I have that, but it seems kind of serious to watch solo. Played your White Wedding to an amazed friend who went to school "when hair bands roamed the earth".

    It was great hearing you guys play at the Trolley and Gem City; it's always uplifting for my soul and makes me happy hearing your music. :) Grabbed a tuna croissant at the coffe place at 48 and Miamisburg-Centerville. Saw a sign saying they're looking for musicians to play on Saturdays. Understand that you're probably looking for bigger gigs, but thought I'd pass it along. I was invited there for some open mike poetry things last year when I had some Tuesday's off. I heard a few good ones there, but some people really take themselves way too seriously. Aside from Yoko Ono, there's not much worse than "a perfomance piece" of somebody lip syncing a silent poem for 2-3 minutes and hearing his lips smack, terminated by "... hear my silence." and expecting applause. I wanted to scream I want my time back, but maintained a level of socially acceptable frustration.

    Happy New Year!

  • At 6:34 AM, Blogger pale beneath the blue said…


    Have you met Jay? He sent me an email saying that he knew who you were talking about from Coffee Affair. You two should talk. I will post one of his poetry pieces later this week if I can remember.



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