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Monday, January 03, 2005

New Years Revolution

Don't just think about changing this many years have you said you would, a)eat better, b)take better care of yourself, c)get involved with some charitable organization, d)take control of your finances? Yeah, I do this every year and generally nothing happens.

First off, I realize that there is not much to take hold of--my real problem? I procrastinate, that and I hate vegetables. So, this year, I don't swear that I will eat better, but I will stop choosing fattening, high calorie coffee drinks and junk because I don't feel like cooking. Cheesecake for lunch is right out. I vow to go to the doctor's at least once this year and force them to figure out all the health issues so that I can live less stressed. I will be giving whatever I can to help the victims of the Tsunami, through Goad International--some great folks from my home town. I will also get rid of all the stuff I don't use and donate it to charity or sell it on ebay. I don't have a ton of income so I will try to volunteer at my church at least once every 8 weeks. They do some really cool things--it's not like I will be greeting folks when they walk in the door.

I also promise to pay off all debts so that I don't wake up one morning with a phone call from the bank telling me that my account has been overdrawn for 10 days (who knew?) Also, if you need help with financial stuff (I'm probably not the one to ask), but I love my free online banking at Automatic Millionaire. Very practical stuff but important.

Is there anything we can do to help you make this your best year ever?


  • At 9:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    If you think you procrastinate, then I must be equivalent to a sloth, sheez.

    As far as this year or any other, I’ve got no complaints at this point considering the events with the Tsunami disaster. I think I’ll just count my blessings. At this point helping in someway whether through prayer, monetary help, or volunteer work is the best focus for the immediate future. I still can’t comprehend the extend of the damage.

    As far as making this the best year ever? Continuing the work you do in advancing women in music is an important task. I realize the “Chicks Rock Tour” is pretty wide spread, but I haven’t noticed anything here that existed in L.A. They had LAWIM, or Los Angeles Women in Music that worked closely with ASCAP. They were a non-profit group that held monthly performances that featured women songwriters; they had a store that sold member merch; and participated in music industry trade shows. Could there be a Dayton Women in Music?

    Whew, that pretty much taps my brain, I won’t be useful for anything now until 2006.

    Best Wishes,


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