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Monday, September 12, 2005

A box in your kitchen that keeps things cold?

So, I bought and moved into a condo just 13 short months ago. Shortly (very shortly) after moving in, we discovered that the refrigerator that we purchased along with the house was not actually working. Fortunately, we brought an old one with us, not very pretty so we had the movers leave it in the garage. For 13 months, we've been going into the garage to get food out of the refrigerator--granted, it was just a matter of opening the door next to the non-working refrigerator, but it was still a pain. You have no idea how many times I nearly fell trying to get up two steps and back in the house with food while on crutches. I actually have gotten used to not really looking for food in the fridge or having ice in my drinks. It was too much work. But no more! Finally today, everything changed. There's cold stuff right in my kitchen. Now I just need to get the ice maker hooked up...we've been buying ice for it for 6 years at least!


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