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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Day 7

Did everyone have a good Christmas? I did. It was great to see the family and have lunch with my 94 year old grandma who is still in good health. Did anyone get anything good?

Well, I got some great presents...a new scarf, a new sweater that I had been wanting, lots of gift cards. But most exciting was that I got to sit down at the new keyboard, hook it up, and start to figure out all the cool features. I got through the first 30 sounds and even recorded a little something. I think that the sequencer part of the X7 is going to be much more involved than the Kurzweil. But I'll figure out a way that will work best for me. It will just take some time. I heard lots of possibilities. I can't wait to really get writing.

More tomorrow,


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