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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

We Interrupt This Program to Bring You a Severe Weather Alert...

We're getting an inch of snow. Can you believe that the news folks feel the need to make such a big deal about it? These people would be fired if they worked in Minnesota or even Cleveland. What is their problem--it's just snow.

Anyway, it is freezing and I'm stuck at home today anyway, so I guess I'll try to book some shows and work on some piano basics. I'm really wanting to improve my skills and try some new things in my writing and live show for the new year. I've got lots of interesting things in mind and can't wait to work through them and see if they are as cool as they sound in my head.

Enjoy the weather and I hope that you all get some time this season to just lie around the house and do whatever you enjoy. We need that sometimes.



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