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Monday, December 12, 2005

Whirlwind Weekend of Shows and Rude Cops

It's been crazy, I think I counted that I sang a total of 7 hours from Friday to Sunday. Happy to have the opportunities but a little tired, no less.

The Christmas party on Saturday night was a blast. I had very deep discussions with Dale Johnson and Luke Pace (The Terrors) and enjoyed some great live music from the Minni-Thins, The Newbees, and The Terrors. It was fun to have Jimmy King behind the kit that night before he jetted off to go play a show with his cover band. And Jeans and I held down the rest of it. It was a little rough getting started and then, the power went off. That was entertaining. Thought we might have to play a very quiet and short acoustic guitar set, but someone figured it out and got things up and running.

So, maybe I was a little tired and in hurry and frustrated that neither myself nor Alycia can carry much, but I accidently left my van out front at Borders (Deerfield) a little longer than usual so I could get paid (aka free mocha latte) and came out to find a Sherriff's car behind mine. He didn't have his lights on, so I figured that I should probably leave since I needed to get to work anyway. But as I'm getting in my car I hear, "Ma'am, come back here," over the bullhorn. Are you kidding me? Have I committed some sort of criminal offense? I was asked for my license which I said was in the car. I was told to get it. Now, I'm still on one crutch, mind you, and when I took him my license I was told, "You can go have a seat. This will be a minute." I explained to him that we had been loading music equipment and that I was in a hurry to get to work. "I'll make this as quick as I can." He finally did get out of his car to bring me my license and my ticket for being parked in a prohibited area. Gee thanks, Mister. But I wasn't parked, I was loading--"This isn't up for discussion. Just call the number on the front, here to pay the fine or show up in court on this day." Oh, thank you, Sir, for protecting our suburb from evil gimpy musicians who can't load their equipment from the parking lot. My family and friends will be fine without Christmas presents again this year, because we have each other. God bless us, Everyone! Grrr.


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