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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ron Jeremy in my inbox--What!?

Just got this email:

Bands needed for RON JEREMY's "Rockstar Players Ball"
Sunday January 29th Hi Fi Concert Club
Hi Fi Concert Club and Hardcore Marketing, Inc. are looking for bands to play the “ROCKSTAR PLAYERS BALL" hosted by non other than 'The Hedgehog' himself RON JEREMY!
RON JEREMY, arguably the most noted and well known male adult superstar, will be on hand at the Hi Fi Concert Club hosting the first ever Rockstar Players Ball. RON JEREMY will be introducing select bands and also doing stand up. That's right, RJ himself will be on-stage doing a comedic routine while bands are setting up and tearing down.

Also during the evening there will be KY Wrestling and a Wet T Shirt Contest.
This show will sell out and their are only a limited quantity of tickets available for pre sale.
All participating bands will be included in all print and radio advertisements. Flyers will be available for bands to promote and HM, Inc. street team will also be utilizing these items to promote.
If you are interested please email BOTH: and

Would love to do this because it would be so "surreal."


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