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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Day 12, 13, 14

I spent some time on Friday going through the “WhiteChocolateSpaceEgg” disc by Liz Phair playing all the songs on the acoustic. Most of them were pretty easy 2-3 chord songs and then there were a few that I had absolutely no idea where to begin. “Uncle Alverez” is one of my favorite tracks and I don’t know what she’s doing there. But “Johnny Feelgood,” “Polyester Bride,” and others are fun to play and keep me having to stay focused for longer than any of my songs. Later, I played “Tranquil Rush” along with some prerecorded rhythms on the new keyboard. Found some interesting guiro/hi-hat kind of things that I think will work for a live set without a drummer.

Today, I’m with James and Alycia and we’re heading to
Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, OH with two of the top ranked flow-riders in the country. I’m hoping they can give me some pointers.

Jan. 1--Happy New Year! We're exhausted and coughing from all the chlorine, but having a great time. I'm finally doing barrelrolls consistently. Got one 360 and haven't done another. But I'm really tired and can barely lift my arms anymore. I'm kind of shocked that I can still walk. James and Alycia are doing well and Matt and Owen have been very encouraging. I think I finally convinced James to help me put together a surf video for Kon Tiki Girl. Hopefully, we can get something up in the next weeks.


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