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Monday, December 26, 2005

Day 8

So, I spent some time with my new toy today. Just like any new relationship, I'm still trying to figure out what happens when I push each individual button. Personally, I think I'm playing better than ever and my ideas are endless. But I'm struggling with recording my ideas. (That's the sequencer part of it.) Usually, I press a button, record what I want and then press stop when I'm finished and it asks if I want to save it or not. I could even play it back and decide if it was good enough. Now I have to do something with a shift key and F2 or something to clear the temporary memory and then F8 to execute, except it doesn't actually work that way because something changed since they printed the manual. Unlike the computer, there's no back button so I can't get back to where I was if I went somewhere I didn't plan on going--like when you type in instead of . I think we've all made that mistake at least once.

At any rate, I'm slowly figuring it out, but I'm just hoping that it doesn't hinder my creative process. I've even thought that I would hook-up the old keyboard just to get notes down and saved and then I could go back and work on them more on the new keyboard with the sounds that I want to use. It's quite a pain, so I guess I'm hoping that I catch on soon.

Watched Zoolander tonite--it was one of my Christmas presents. Oh my, Lenny Kravitz is a handsome man. And I never noticed that Vince Vaughn is one of Derek's brothers who works in the coal mine. He doesn't even have one line. Great hair though.

Hope you all are enjoying some time off,


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