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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I hate the IRS

We thought we would enjoy a somewhat leisurely Easter at home in Cincy but that didn't exactly happen. Allison and I did get to go over to Hungry Lucy's place to be a part of their podcast (should be up soon) which was a blast. They are so cool--we had tea and everything. But I spent the rest of the evening working on taxes, watched Desperate Housewives and crashed. Then Monday, I spent all day until it was time to leave for the show, working on taxes. Fortunately, we're getting money back, but still--it took forever and I'm not even positive that I did them right. I used Turbo Tax and everything. Could you all please call your congressmen and tell them to vote for fair tax?

To ease my pain, some friends and really cool new folks came out to the Trolley Stop in Dayton to hang with us. We had a great night, I just wish we could have gone to Gem City Records and walked up and down the strip a little. But, I guess I'll do that when I'm back on May 19th for the CD Release. I'm trying to get this stuff all done with Blake this morning. Gotta get it to the presses, and we have to hit the road.

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