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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Daytonians party in Chicago

Chicago again. Seemed kinda pointless, but we were in for a surprise. Mick from Gidgets GaGa was the first person we encountered at Red Line Tap--amazing guy. We were just hanging out talking with him after load-in and then I see this guy that looks familiar--oh my gosh! It's Drew Perfilio! Drew is a poet who worked at Canal Street Tavern for a while and I had sent him a message about the show but never heard anything back. Wow, it's great to catch up. We had to run out to the car and get a few more things and on the way there, I saw some other folks that looked familar. No way, it's Eric Cassidy from Shrug and his wife Kate. Apparently they were in town seeing David Gilmore (Pink Floyd) the night before and were looking for something to do and ran across my name on a message board or something. Crazy.

We all got to catch up a bit and then Chicago Nick showed up, a guy we met on Wednesday at Jazz It Cafe. He was supposed to meet up with us for Chicago pizza but had to work late. We were happy to see him--late is always better than not at all. Drew ended up calling some friends, David (from I can't remember where) and his girlfriend, Texas Rebecca. A fun time was had by all and we've got the pictures to prove it. Check this out. Later Drew took us to The Green Mill, an infamous jazz club. Cool place and very surreal. You can see it in High Fidelity and Oceans 12.

Happy Easter.


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