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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Who's Song is it, Anyway? part 2

Tonite was the second installment of our improv night at Kaldi's in downtown Cincinnati. It was our first beautiful day here in months so it was extremely slow at the coffee shop. And there were a ton of other functions going on in and around town so I kind of expected it. However, there were 4 of us participating and writing songs--Sharon, Eric, Beau and myself.

Our prompt was "like a common criminal she stole..." we had to go from there. Eric and Sharon were up first and they are amazing. Sharon just jumps in on the piano even when she has no clue where the song is going. Beau and I were having some issues--I was trying to follow his melody on the guitar which was a little tough, but we wanted to do something really cool and interesting to break up the monotony so we were trying some different things and I realized that I can white girl rap. I've always wanted to, but never had the push to do it, but it just kinda came out.

Then it was on to the lightening round--things you drink. Eric made up a lovely story about his first ever Mountain Dew that he had at the YMCA. Then Sharon made up a jingle for Silk Soy Milk and nearly fell off the chair at the piano because she was laughing so hard. Then she played for Beau as he sang about how Ocean Spray Cranberry is good for Urinary tract infections. And then I screamed into the mic and played really fast singing "Rocket Fuel, rocket fuel..." That was fun. We did another round of jingles and then the girls from Pike came so I chatted with them and Sharon went back to accompianing Eric. I think that they've decided to do a record together. Which was part of the goal of doing this whole improv night--finding people to work with that you maybe wouldn't have otherwise. It was a good night.


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