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Friday, April 14, 2006

Chicago, Kenosha and Madison

Chicago was a blast. We met some new cool folks at the new Jazz It Cafe. Everyone there was so nice and attentive and tried to drag their friends out. It was a gorgeous day so it was no wonder that everyone was in such a great mood. Hope to meet up with some of the folks we met there for pizza this afternoon.

We did get a parking ticket in Chicago--that was not cool, but we drove up to Madison, WI after the show to stay with Allison's friend. It's a bit of a drive, but not bad. Of course they are doing construction and at the first toll plaza, I somehow ended up in the wrong lane and went through the EZ Pass lane. Hope that I don't get a ticket for that as well. Our driving adventures never end.

So, Madison is a cool place. I see it as the Austin, TX of Wisconsin. I never imagined living farther North in the Midwest, but Madison is pretty cool. Kenosha was interesting--Cameron at WIPZ was very helpful. So, we're not sure what program we were actually on but the schedule said "Spank Tank". The town seemed more typical Midwest small town than Madison and what is up with Milwaukee--is that a yeast smell? We were out from town a bit and still it smells a little wierd.

What a cool evening. We played at A Room of One's Own, a womyn's bookstore in downtown Austin. Allison's friend came down and brought some of her friends and then Mike and Ben from Sunspot came down and hung out with us. We all headed out to dinner which was a hoot. Mike is hilarious and very informative. It started hailing about half way through the evening. I haven't seen anything like that since I was a kid. It sounded like the building was going to fall apart. Fun stuff though. Our favorite quote of the night, "You can still buy my cds and come to shows, but we're not sleeping together again."


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