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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sunday, March 19, SXSW cont'd

I can't believe it's morning already. Plus, we have to pack and check out before Allison's gig at Bella Blue. Jinkies. It never ends. I'm hoping to have enough energy to get through my performance this afternoon. Also, it's raining, again. Lovely.

It didn't rain too hard so Allison and Jenn got to play my keyboard at their outdoor shows. I worked my way back and forth between Bella Blue and Vanilla Girl (two very fun stores with lots of talent). I got to see Lynn King (NJ), and Rachel Palli something. I will find out her name, she was amazing. Poor thing, the airline lost her keyboard stand and she had just gotten her keyboard that morning. I got my throne and stand for her and was happy that I did. She was really good. But alas, it's time to head out again. Allison and I must get to Cafe Caffeine for another show. Oh, and the sun is coming out.

Cafe Caffeine is this gorgeous cafe that I would surely hang out at if I lived in Austin. They had the same light fixture that I have in my kitchen, hanging in the restroom. I had to laugh. We gushed over everyone that was there since they were so kind and attentive and we were soooo not ready to leave this amazing place. Austin is the best oasis I've found as an artist. Nashville is great but more pushy and commercial. These folks just sort of sit back and let things roll. They are great people and they seem to care, none of that fake, "that was nice" "thanks for coming" kind of thing. My buddy Paul (whom I met last year) came out and spurred us on to head outside and play some more as the weather had cleared up for a bit. Since Matt the Electrician was playing after me (a local), folks were walking over and sitting on the sidewalk and listening until our time was up. They were very appreciative as were we. I did not want to go home. I already felt as if I was home. James could drive down and visit, right?

Alas, Allison forced me out of the place and we headed back to pick up Jenny and Kyle to head home. We said our goodbyes to everyone and set to hit the road. We had one last stop before leaving town. WHATABURGER! A favorite of Bobby Hill and now I know why. It's something I can't quite describe, yet delicious to the last bite.

Our 17 hour drive home quickly became a nightmare as we got stuck in traffic for hours heading N to Dallas, hoping that we weren't going to get stuck in all the flood waters. Three hours we sat there, yet found ways to amuse ourselves. Jenny was singing Debbie Gibson songs and then we both started acting completely goofy and sang Eternal Flame at the top of our lungs. We had to do something to pass the time. Then we started texting Mike Huberty from Sunspot. We would send a couple lines from a song and see what he would write back. He's so fun. Then we put in the Sunspot sampler and sang Scott Baccula about a million times. I have one word for you, "crackula." Only Sunspot could use that in a song and make it work.

My goodness, I'm tired. It's been 22 hours and I'm finally nearing home. I think I slept a couple of hours at some point. I cannot wait to take a shower and sleep. And do it all again sometime soon.



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