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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Baseball...the great Aryan Past time

July 1st, someone randomly gave us Reds tickets so against my better judgement, I headed downtown with part of the fam. I hadn't been since the new stadium had been built but it always seemed as exciting as watching paint dry so what was the point? However, we had free parking and once we found it, we were off to the watch the Reds vs. Indians.

I don't know when it happened, maybe when the franchise was raising money for the new stadium, but everything went crazily commercial. There's Dippin' Dots and Montgomery Inn Ribs you can buy. Between innings, there's some announcer guy talking to folks on the Sofa Express big red couch, there's the Crest White Strips Smile Cam, and the Snappy Tomato Pizza wheel. There were also these really strange computer generated shorts which made no sense and looked really cheesy. As if all that wasn't disturbing enough, I finally took a look around during some stupid "commercial" only to notice that everyone I could see in the stands was Caucasion. I'm not kidding. I suddenly was frightened that I had somehow been transported to South Dakota or maybe some aliens had abducted us as we walked through the parking lot of the Underground Railroad Museum (yes, the system by which slaves would head to Canada undetected.) So, I don't get it. The guys on the field were from every nationality imaginable and yet, we white folks are the only ones who go watch them? We did actually see maybe 10 non-whites on the way out--out of 40,600. So, truly, does no one else like baseball, or are they just frightened by the large numbers of white people drinking alcohol?


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