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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The South in Radio

So, I drove from Knoxville to Atlanta and back to Cincinnati yesterday. A long trip made even longer by the fact that I had such a horrible time finding any radio stations to listen to. There is little to no music that I want to hear so I usually look for NPR or talk radio. I couldn't find any NPR stations on the way to Atlanta and the AM stations all played music or church services. In fact, there was a lot of church. Really wishing I would've spent a few bucks on that iTrip for my Nano. I finally found Neal Borts on a Knoxville station by the time I almost hit Chattanooga. Then when I hit the Northern part of Georgia, I was listening to the local news which included obituaries. Had never heard that before. Then I heard a story where a 4 year old boy got out of the van to go to the restroom at a gas station and his parents left his there. They thought he was asleep in the back of the van and they headed onto Tennessee. They were near Knoxville when they heard on the radio the Police were looking for them. It was like 4a or something. Can you imagine? Apparently, they drove back to get the kid and no charges were filed. I'm kinda shocked about that, but glad they aren't going to jail.

More soon.


  • At 3:07 PM, Anonymous Ray said…

    Yup, long distance driving is all about having your own tunes or sound.

    My folks left me along the highway on at least one trip, and at the zoo once. but in their defense, they did manage to collect the other 5 kids. my older brothers knew I was missing, they just thought it would be funny to leave me behind. more food for them. b@$t@rd$.

    if there was a sibling chain of command in that news story, it may have been like that, and been more a case of attempting to eliminate a rival sibling rather than being a negligent parent.

    The Voice of Reason-ly yours,


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