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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Day 2-Studio

It's nearly 8p and we're on song #4 out of 10. We'll be here a while. So, I went out a little earlier for some dinner and ran into a guy named Michael, a street vendor who was telling me about a Grenwich Village special that was on PBS. Something Woodie Guthrie, The Velvet Underground and Bob Dylan. Very interesting. He also clued me into a label in the building next to us on Broadway and a studio up the block where Ziggy Marley recorded. Apparently there's another studio across the street as well. It was interesting. Then I proceeded to put my crutch in a manhole cover and may have broken my leg again.

Now the tech is here talking to Denise about Harvey the studio ghost. The story goes that Harvey was a dentist that killed his mistress when they got found out. I still don't know how he died, but apparently the place had been a hotel previously. They are now building a hotel next door and something across the street. I don't know what. More before I leave.


It's now 2:55a and we just finished Wishing. We're now standing at 6 down and 3 to go. We've decided to nix one since it doesn't look as if we'll have time to wrap things up before dawn. I've just finished the last of my Starbucks cookie stash. I can't believe that I can only get these cookies here in NYC. Sucks living in the Midwest.

Anyway, I've been reading, playing solitaire and working on the computer to stay awake. HOping that I get a little sleep today after the session. I don't have any plans, but things tend to change rather quickly around here. It's been beautiful outside--I hope I get to enjoy a little of that. I'll be seeing a doctor here on Monday--a second opinion for the leg. I'll keep you all posted. But what have you been doing?



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