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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Yoplait/Dannon: Unapologetic

I wrote to both Dannon and Yoplait. Here's the responses I received in my inbox:

Dear Ms. Everitt:

Thank you for contacting Yoplait regarding carmine used in Yoplait strawberry yogurt.

Carmine is a naturally derived red color extracted from the dried shells of the cochineal beetle. Carmine is an FDA approved ingredient and is commonly used in many foods such as ice cream, soft drinks, sweets and candies.

We appreciate the opportunity to share this information with you and hope you continue to choose our products.


Gerald Vortice
Consumer Services

>Original Message From:
>I was really ticked off that there was beet juice in my raspberry custard style yogurt, until I found that you put Carmine in your Strawberry Original Yogurt. I don't know that I can put another spoonful in my mouth after finding out the Carmine is a bug-based colorant. I can live with my yogurt being not so pink and I'm sure that others would feel the same way if they knew. Thanks. Rhonda Everitt

October 30, 2006
Dear Rhonda Everitt,
Thank you for contacting the Dannon Company, Inc. We appreciate your interest in our products.

Carmine is a safe, FDA approved, natural, vivid red color derived from the female cochineal insect. Most other red colored products use this coloring also, listed as natural ingredients. The FDA allows the term "natural color" in ingredient statements, however, when we use a natural color we specifically state the color used.
The following is a list of yogurts that contain the carmine coloring:

Activia - Strawberry, Blueberry, Mixed Berry, & Prune

Danimals Drinkable - Strawberry, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Banana, Raspberry, Blazin' Berry, & Cherry Berry
Fruit on the Bottom - Boysenberry, Mixed Berry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Cherry, & Raspberry Frusion - Strawberry, Strawberry Kiwi, Banana Berry, Cherry Berry, Peach Passion Fruit,& Wild Berry La Crème - Strawberry & Raspberry La Crème Mousse - Strawberry La Crème with Chocolate - Strawberry
Light N Fit Creamy - Blueberry

Once again, thank you for contacting us. We are pleased with your interest in our products. If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns, now or in the future, please feel free to contact us at 1-877-DANNON-US (1-877-326-6668), Monday through Friday, 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Eastern Time.
Lisa Moore

Consumer Response Representative

I have found Carmine in organic foods as well. I guess since it's "natural" it's okay. I'm still offended by the whole bug thing, so I'm learning to get over the beet juice.


  • At 1:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    looks copy-pasted... in other words, I'm thinking you're not the first person to write them about that particular coloring additive...

  • At 8:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    You know Rhonda 90% of plants are poisonous - including rhodedendrons, buttercups, and others I used to eat as a kid - but around 99% of bugs are human edible. So ... forget being a vegan, I think we were made to eat bugs! I'm thinking of getting braces wired with those funky uv or whatever lights that bug zappers lure with. When you think about it, it's nature's way of peeling and dropping grapes into your mouth.

    Mmmmmmmmmm, beetlicious! Just think of that glow-in-the-dark smile you could get from chewing up lightning bugs! Now is it only the male who lights up his butt? Inhaling or exhaling? Figure out the evolution for that! Yeah, right! Say, I think I'll evolve me a glowing patootie. That'll attract the babes! Seriously, try that in a singles bar and see if anyone of the opposite genderal group is overwhelmed by an urge to spawn.

    I'm just saying.

    And Happy Thanksgiving!



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