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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Day 17

So, I woke up extra late--like musician late--today and then I had to go to the dentist. I try to accomplish things in my car now so I usually try to take some CDs that I'm supposed to review or have someone to call or something. I forgot the discs so I called producer Blake. I hadn't talked to him in forever so we accomplished some things but I still hadn't had time to sit down and practice. James and I went to Texas Roadhouse with Patrice and Danny, and though it was great to hang with them, eating with the cellist does not constitute practice either. It was after midnight when I got home and I finally got on the bike to get a little exercise. I was watching a "Home Improvement" rerun when I decided that maybe I could go to the basement to play a little. It's now after 2a. I was down there over an hour and worked on several things and maybe started a song that I can finish. Just need to find some words and it will be done. Lots of cool things on this keyboard, it's just the recording. I either have to figure that out, or bring the dumb thing up to the loft and record onto the computer. Or I could get firewire on my laptop...


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