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Friday, March 17, 2006

SXSW on the Cheap

I played in Nashville on Wednesday night with Jenn Franklin. Fun was had by the guy from British Columbia who stopped in to hear some tunes after the hockey tourney. We drove straight through and hit Austin about 1:30p. I only got about an hour or so, maybe 2, of sleep on the ride over but the adrenaline kept me going most of the night.

I'm sharing the cost of a 6 person "suite" so it's only about 20-30 bucks per night. Jenny Schmidt is splitting the gas with me and we're only eating 2 meals, good meals per day. Jenny bought me a margarita at dinner. That was yummy.

We saw
Sunspot at a free show at 5p and then hung out at the whole FREE show thing on 6th St. for part of the evening. Then I headed S and hit the Small Stars FREE show. Good stuff but somewhat unsatisfying. I think I was too tired to really appreciate anything. I headed down the street to the Gogirls Music showcase just in time to see Rachel Sage's last song. I like the trumpet player. I'm carting around my room mates so I agreed to stay for Jen Foster's set. I was literally falling asleep during it. She was really good so I felt extremely bad and wanted to apologize. Jenny Schmidt said that people would probably assume that I was just drunk. I'm not certain which is worse. So, Jenny drove us back to the hotel where I almost immediately crashed.


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