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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Planes, Trains and Micorophones

Wow, I've had an interesting week. It's been flying by. We had a great time with the folks who came out to see us in Evansville last Friday. I turned around about a million times on that trip--it was just one of those days. Patrice and I enjoyed playing with Heidi Schwartz from Nashville. And I will be heading to Nashville in less than a week to play another show with Heidi on the way to Austin.

It's crazy though. I went to DC on Monday--I flew into Baltimore and walked out the door at the baggage claim and got on a bus that took me to the train station where I caught a train to Union Station in DC. I could have taken the Metro to Arlington, but Blake came and picked me up. The train station is beautiful. I'd never been in there but there are these Roman soldiers that stand and stare at you from their pedestals near the ceiling. It's kinda weird. Pretty, but wierd. When I walked out of the station, there was this Asian guy with an amplifier singing hymns by this big statue and he was snagging people to sing with him. I think they were singing "How Great Thou Art." That's something I don't normally see in Cincinnati.

Blake and I spent 20 hours in about a day and a half working on the mixes and we're almost done. I've got some work to do here but hopefully, I can still get everything done. On Wednesday, I got dropped back off at the train station and reversed the process to get back to the airport. The coolest thing was that there was XM Satellite Radio in the armrests on the plane. I got to hear some cool stuff on XMU, the college station. Fortunately, the plane rides were uneventful.

So, now I'm back home fighting to find a microphone that will allow me to record some descent vocals in my house. Apparently, dry wall is not the best thing for recording. Either that or I just am not supposed to get this new CD done. I guess we'll see.

More later. Big show this weekend in Newport with Jayne Sachs.
xoxo. R.


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