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Saturday, April 29, 2006

My Adventures in NY

I've been spending some time walking around in Manhatten and this is just some of what I've witnessed:

a man singing loudly with his ipod
street vendors of every kind
men kissing
pedestrians making traffic stop for them
the sound of a million conversations in languages i can't understand
nyu film student in starbucks buying paper cups for his production
an older woman dancing crazily through the street as she listens to her ipod
british looking rockers walking down the street in hip clothes and doc martins
some young guy begging to heal my leg
a guy on the subway with no legs, shakes his coffee can which apparently means "give me money, i'm poor"
a guy that looks like Jeff Snyder (an staff writer)waiting for the subway
the chrysler building
the ed sullivan theater
rockafeller center
a film being made
5.75 for a bud light, are you serious?
the guy who lives under the bridge in queens
arlene's grocery

It's been an interesting time in NY so far. Can't wait to see what else I run into...
Enjoy where you are,


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