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Thursday, April 20, 2006

PA, Cleveland and PA again

Like going through Pennsylvania once isn't enough, we decided to make two stops with Cleveland in the middle. Pittsburgh actually wasn't bad this time. I had to turn around only once and that was only because I had absolutely no idea where I was going. Carnegie Mellon is a beautiful campus so that was cool.

On Wednesday, we headed toward OHio. My friend Todd came out and hung out with us and even took some amazing pictures. Hopefully he will send them and I'll post asap.

Today, Thursday, we drove back into Pennsylvania to head to the Coffee and Tea Room in Williamsport. An interesting town of about 30,000 folks. I met a guy named Phil who was writing a novel about a new world that was dependent on some sort of "black oil." He says it's fiction, though it sounds vaguely familiar. Allison and I covered "What's Up?" by 4-non Blondes. That was interesting. I love pulling something off at the last minute.

We were planning to head to the hotel gym but decided to get a drink instead. I apparently said the wrong thing, "No, just one shot. I just need something to loosen me up." All the guys turned around to see what I looked like. Then we came back to the room and watched Sex and the City. Then I watched South Park--I had never seen that before. Funny. Aliens. Then there are the commercials with the girls who want to talk to you. They dress slutty and say things like, "Flirting on the phone is fun." Really? Is it? Because I would think that sitting home and talking on the phone instead of going out to meet real people is well, PATHETIC! Real life never ceases to amaze me. More from Schenectady tomorrow...


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